DREAMERS main press pic 2016


Ethan Burns hails from Central Coast, California. As the son of two postal workers, the 25-year-old troubadour’s sound maintains the grit of the middle class. Other than the occasional few bars of the blues he would catch coming from the garage while his father worked on the family car, Ethan was brought up exclusively on gospel music. At the age of thirteen, Ethan got his first glimpse of rock & roll when he caught the video for Nirvana’s “Smells Like Teen Spirit” on television. Over the next few days, he would learn to play the song by sight alone; no small feat for a young man who had only recently picked up a guitar. That natural proclivity for songwriting is something Ethan still exercises today, often flipping through the radio and learning new songs by ear upon first listen.

Ethan’s latest single, “22 Knots” is a “brooding tale of my youth” as he puts it. The track captures a ‘night on the beach’ aesthetic that Ethan is intimately familiar with from growing up along the Central Coast. Still, “22 Knots” would be perfectly at home blasting from the window of a Brooklyn apartment circa 1962.