When I hear the cliche, “if these walls could speak,” I think of Fairfax Recordings. While its walls once enclosed the legendary Sound City and have surrounded celebrated recording artists too numerous to list, it isn’t their history that brings the phrase to mind. It is that, at Fairfax, the walls actually do speak. Not literally, of course. But they do produce some interesting sounds. In fact, all walls speak; what makes those at Fairfax notable is that, when they talk, people listen. When melody and rhythm balance so naturally with an enclosed space that the walls themselves seem to be a carefully tempered musical instrument, the effect can be hypnotic. Capturing this is what recording music is all about.

Enter Kevin Augunas, who has spent over twenty years seeking, creating, and recording it. Augunas runs Fairfax Recordings from its Southern California headquarters, documenting an ongoing conversation between walls, mixing boards, microphones, and recording artists. Since founding an eponymous independent record label at Fairfax in 2006, he also maintains a growing stable of artists, each offering new sounds to bounce across rooms and lay on tape. Indeed, the walls have much to say and seem to enjoy having an audience. On behalf of Fairfax Recordings, I invite you to join it.

General Inquiries:

Fairfax Recordings
15456 Cabrito Rd
Van Nuys, Ca 91406 USA


Production/mixing inquiries regarding Kevin Augunas:

Tenni Gharakhanian
AAM – Advanced Alternative Media


Fairfax Recordings is distributed by Universal Music Group Distribution